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Privacy Policy


It is our goal to provide our patients with the best dental care and maintain the highest standards of excellence throughout our practice to accomplish this.

The intent of this notice is to describe the information we have about our patients and how it may be used and disclosed. It also explains how this information may be accessed by the patient. Please review this information carefully.

At Hart Dental, L.L.C., we are committed to treating and using protected health information about our patients responsibly. This notice of health information practices describes the personal information we collect, how and when we use this information. This notice is effective 11/01/08 and applies to all protected health information as defined by federal regulations.


Each visit made by each patient at Hart Dental results in a record of the appointment. Typically, this record consists of the patient's symptoms, examination and test results, diagnoses, treatment, and plan for future treatment or care. This information is referred to as a health or dental record and serves as a:

  • Basis for planning treatment or care
  • Means of communicating among many health professionals who contribute to a patient's care
  • Legal documentation outlining the care received
  • Means by which services provided can be verified by the patient or a third-party payer

Understanding what is in each patient's health and dental record and how this information is used helps each of us to: ensure its accuracy, better understand who, what, when, where and why others may access health information and make informed decisions authorizing disclosures.

Health Information Rights

Although our health and dental records are the property of Hart Dental, the information belongs to the patient. The patient has the right to:

  • Obtain a notice of information practices upon request.
  • Inspect a copy of their health record as provided by RI Gen. Laws 5-37-22
  • Request to amend their medical record
  • Obtain an accounting of disclosures of their health information, except those provided by law. [RI Gen. Laws 5-37.3-4(a).]
  • Request a restriction on certain uses and disclosures of your information.
  • Revoke your authorization to use or disclose health information except to the extent that action has already been taken.

Responsibilities of Hart Dental

We are required to:

  • Maintain the privacy of patient health information
  • Provided each patient with a notice as to our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to the information we collect and maintain about them.
  • Abide by the terms of this notice.
  • Notify the patient if we are unable to agree to a requested restriction.
  • Accommodate reasonable requests you may have to communicate health information by alternative means or at alternative locations.

We reserve the right to change our practices and to make new Provisions effective for all protected health information we maintain any change to this notice will be posted and dated immediately a copy of the revised notice of practice policies will be available upon request we will not use or disclose health information without patient authorization, except as described in the notice. We will discontinue to use or disclose health information after we have received a written revocation of the authorization according to the procedures included in the authorization.

if you have any questions or would like additional information you may contact our practice’s privacies officer.